Online Psychotherapy

I bring therapy to you, wherever you are!

With online therapy there are no awkward waiting rooms, no traffic and no hassle. Sessions take place over a secure video chat service called Zoom (similar to Skype). My online sessions are face-to-face in that we can see and hear one another as we talk.

I know it’s uncomfortable to start therapy with a stranger, so I like to give my potential clients the chance to meet me before committing to a therapy process. I offer a free online consultation session (10 minutes) in which we chat briefly about what is going on for you and outline a plan for how you can move forward. This gives you the chance to get a sense of how I work so that you can see if you feel that we will work well together.

Need Help?

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Who Is It For?


  • Individuals living overseas (temporary/permanent)
  • Individuals who are about to move
  • Individuals frequently travelling for business or pleasure
  • Individuals working in the travel and tourism industry and are constantly on the move, tour guides, staff of airlines, superyachts, cruise ships etc
  • Individuals whom have difficulty accessing face-to-face therapists
  • Expats looking for therapy with someone who understands their home language and culture (someone ‘from home’)
  • Individuals with mobility challenges
  • Individuals whose schedule is too demanding to commute to a therapist’s office or whose schedule varies from week to week and need scheduling flexibility in order to commit to therapy.
  • Individuals who are uncomfortable around other people, but think they might be able to open up via an online platform with a caring therapist
  • Couples separated geographically (living in different towns or countries) but who wants to work on their relationship in therapy
  • For individuals who lives in a community or work in a field in which it may be important not to reveal that they are in therapy or the challenges that they need to talk about; and
  • For individuals who finds it difficult to leave work without explaining where they are going.
How Does It Work?
Make An Appointment

Make contact with me by submitting a contact form or send me an email. Set up an appointment (please specify if you would like the 10 minute free consultation or whether you want to jump straight into therapy).

Register With Zoom

Once an agreed day and time was set, I will send you a therapy contract and instructions to register and sign up with Zoom.

Send Contract

Send the signed contract to me by email and confirm that you have signed into Zoom (at least 12hours before your scheduled session).

Make Payment

Once we finished your session, I will send you an invoice. Please note that you can only schedule a follow up session once payment have been received.

Get In Touch


+31 (0) 647286294 or send me a whatsapp


Spuistraat 249-II, 1012VP, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Elarduspark, Pretoria, 
South Africa