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I am an Amsterdam based, English and Afrikaans speaking clinical psychologist providing face-to-face and online therapy to adolescence, adults, couples and expats who experience depression, anxiety, trauma or relationship difficulties.

Life does not come with a manual. I do believe that we all do the best with what we have. Still, life can throw curve balls our way. Unexpected events can disrupt our lives and make it difficult to navigate the tides. We have no idea what tomorrow might bring and often cannot control the things in life we wish we could.

We often spend our time, either looking back at the past or eagerly awaiting and planning for the future – missing out on the growth, opportunities or lessons that is right in front of us. We as humans are complex, imperfect, dynamic and resilient, and you know what? that is perfect!

I am passionate to walk a journey with you through the ebb and flow of life and the challenges it brings

Derika de Villiers

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Feeling depressed can be extremely lonely and terrifying. Not experiencing joy in aspects of life that used to bring you joy can make you feel that life is meaningless. Feeling tired, helpless, hopeless, demotivated and trapped in a dark hole is overwhelming. Whether you experience a depressive episode due to environmental factors or are diagnosed with a mood disorder, therapy can assist and support you to navigate the darkness.


Feeling anxious, worried, fearful and scared can be paralysing. Navigating uncertainty, indecisiveness and avoidance are challenging and often leave us feeling powerless. Anxiety also manifests in our body with symptoms such as restlessness, fatigue, irritability, rapid heartbeat, nausea, stomach cramps, a shortness of breath and makes it very difficult to enjoy life. Therapy can assist and support you in taking your power back.


We are relational and social beings at our core. Relationships gives us a sense of belonging and purpose. Relationships are important to us and when these relationships starts to fail, it can become a very difficult space to navigate. Effective relationships takes work and knowledge of tools and techniques that promotes closeness, interdependence and transparency. Therapy can assist and support you in developing effective relationships with those that are most important to you.


Trauma can disrupt our core and all aspects of our life. Trauma often redefined how we see ourselves, others and the world. Trauma is a response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms your ability to cope and can leave you feeling scared, hopeless, helpless and alone. Therapy can assist and support you in processing the trauma and moving from a victim to a survivor.

Expat Life

Life as an expat can be extremely challenging. Some of the challenges you might face as a expat includes loneliness, feeling like an outsider, adapting to the language and culture barriers, becoming familiar with a new health care system as well as financial and money management. All of these stressors can have an impact on your emotional well-being. Therapy can assist and support you during this process and help you to find your feet.

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I practice from an integrative psychotherapy model, but I maintain a thread of continuity in who I am and how I make sense of my client’s world. I am mostly influenced by the theories of Systems theory, Gestalt therapy and Multicultural therapy. I also utilize cognitive behavioural interventions and existential thinking. I am focused on the relationship I have with my clients. I believe that their style of relating to me, represents what they do in the outside world. I also use myself and my reactions towards my clients as feedback. I walk a journey with my clients, working holistically to include all aspects of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reality. Confidentiality, unconditional positive regard and trust are the pillars of the therapeutic relationship.


I am an author and often contribute my expert opinion on different psychological issues in numerous magazines and media platforms.

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