Sessions & Fees


Entering into therapy can be very scary and intimidating whether this will be your very first therapy session or whether you have been to therapy before. Opening up and trusting a stranger you have never met before can be hard, so I like to give my potential clients the chance to meet me before committing to a therapy process. I offer a free online consultation session (10 minutes) in which we chat briefly about what is going on for you and outline a plan for how you can move forward. This gives you the chance to get a sense of how I work so that you can see if you feel that we will work well together. In my approach to therapy, confidentiality, unconditional positive regard and trust are the pillars of the therapeutic relationship.

Make contact with me by submitting a contact form or send me an email. Set up an appointment (please specify if you would like the 10-minute free consultation or whether you want to jump straight into therapy).

Depending on your need, we will either set up a face-to-face appointment for you to visit me in person or schedule an online session if you cannot travel to my practice or just find an online platform or natural environment more convenient. 

Once an agreed day and time has been set, I will send you an information document with a therapy contract to read and submit before your first scheduled appointment.

Session Information

Therapy is a tailor-made process and the duration of your treatment will depend on the presenting challenges,persons involved, aims and also the goals of treatment.

As every client is unique, it is difficult to predict exactly how many sessions you will need.

Sessions generally range from 3-15 sessions per client. Individual, as well as couple sessions, are 50 minutes long. Double sessions (100 minutes) can be requested. Kindly note that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be liable for that session.

Fees & Payment Details

Rates for 2021 is a 100 euros per 50-minute session. I make use of EFT (Electronic Payments) and will send you a betaalverzoek or invoice with my account details after the initial session.

Please note that you can only schedule a follow-up session once payment has been received.

I work as an independent practitioner and I am not affiliated with any Dutch health insurance provider. Please check with your health insurance provider to see whether there are any reimbursements available.