My Services

Offering  face-to-face, online and forest psychotherapy

Parental Guidance

Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual. I therefore assist parents in dealing with a variety of challenges their children might face. My services also include assisting parents in guiding their children in adapting to adverse life events such as relocating to a new school/town/country, the divorce of parents, loss of a parent, experienced being bullied and self-esteem.



Being a teenager in modern society is one of the most challenging developmental stages and I assist adolescence in dealing with adverse life events. I provide psychotherapy for Depression, Identity issues, Behavioural Difficulties, Anxiety disorders, Trauma, Scholastic pressure, Eating disorders, Grief, Loss and emotional distress.



I provide individual psychotherapy to adults facing a variety of challenges including Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment, Trauma, Divorce, Loss and Grief. Psychotherapy for Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety disorders, Mood and depressive disorders, Relationship conflict/issues, Substance abuse, Loss and Grief.

Couples Therapy


We as humans are relational beings. Relationships are important to us. I provide psychological services to couples struggling to cope with the demands of their relationship with their significant other. I provide the following services: Couples therapy, Marital therapy, Infidelity within a relationship, and Family therapy.

Types of Therapy

I provide face-to-face, online and forest psychotherapy so that you can decide what works best for you

Face-To-Face Therapy (Amsterdam)

I look forward to welcome you to my practice in the heart of central Amsterdam. A beautiful, calm, serene and safe space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while we collaboratively work together towards the goals you set out at the start of the therapeutic process. In my approach to therapy, confidentiality, unconditional positive regard and trust are the pillars of the therapeutic relationship.

Online Psychotherapy

I bring therapy to you, wherever you are!

With online therapy there are no awkward waiting rooms, no traffic and no hassle. Sessions take place over a secure video chat service called Zoom (similar to Skype). My online sessions are face-to-face in that we can see and hear one another as we talk.

Forest Therapy

Also known as ‘walk-and-talk’ therapy takes psychotherapy outdoors. We have beautiful parks in and around Amsterdam (Westerpark, Vondelpark, Oosterpark, Amsterdamse Bos). This approach infuses the benefits of nature and exercise into your therapy session. You may prefer to move or walk as opposed to sitting across from your therapist in an office or looking through a screen. Physical movement encourages psychological movement and the endorphins that exercise produces has a known positive impact on your mood and anxiety levels. Clients tend to be more energized at the end of a forest therapy session

Complaints Procedure:

All registered psychologists working in the Netherlands are required to have a formal complaints procedure available on their website. Any possible complaints can be submitted to Klacht and Company via Complaints can be submitted digitally using this form.

Client Experience: